To the days we believed we could fly.

One of the things I got to do today on my way home was I got to walk the halls of my old elementary school and as I did I remembered and missed so much.

The giggles we muffled in the library. The tears we wiped in the principle’s office. The heavy breathing as we ran through the old playground equipment while playing cops and robbers.

The days we hid in the arts room from the teachers and principal. The rainy days we spent inside playing slapjack or just playing around. How everything was so beautiful and simple. What a world. There were no tricks or surprises. No pain. Just happiness of childhood.

Just glue sticks and paper maches. Just studying about ancient Egypt or painting life size mummy’s. Just awkwardly exciting school dances. Just friday nights wasted at the pool. Nights that ended up being the best of our lives. The games of truth or dare. The friendships. The prank calls to dominos pizza or the hockey games on Saturdays. The ice rink.

Those were the days. Those were OUR days.

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Instead of telling you, I'm gonna make you work for it.

So welcome. Have a seat and I'll be with you shortly.

"'Tis nothing good or bad
But thinking makes it so"
- William Shakespeare

Because we deserve happiness; Because we deserve greatness.
Because we were made to inspire; Because we were made to ignite.